Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Slums of Dublin...Part20 (The Flea Degrees.)

The two brazzers Mags and Caroline talked Sally into joining their new all-girl band The Flea Degrees……
Meself and Deco have been workin’ our bollixes off all last night puttin’ up the posters of The Flea Degrees for yizzer mega-gig on next Tuesday. I hope yiz are goin’ to throw a few bob our way. At the very least, yiz better buy us a pint in Briody’s pub, and give us a free ride off each of yis. We went all over bleedin’ Dublin, includin’ : the 15th floor of Liberty Hall, over Clery’s Clock, the top floor of St. Laurences Mansions in Sheriff St., over the stalls in the Ivy Markets, and on top of the Zhivago, (Where Love Stories Begin) sign in Westmoreland Street. Deco sez his Ma is bringin’ a big contingent of oulwans from the Legion of Mary. I hope the practice sessions in Lloyds bar in Amiens street are goin’ o.k. …. Ah Jaysus! The oul nerves are gettin to the girls. I can feel it in me water. Mags and Caroline were in a big bleedin` cat fight over who gets to be in the middle on stage, when Mags pulled off Carolines wig and threw it in the Tolka river. I had to go home to me ma and beg her for a loan of the mop so we could use the handle for to hold the mike and the top of the mop for Caroline`s new wig. It was bleedin` manky dirty all ready, but I lashed on the boot polish all the same just to give it that shiny look. Caroline looks like Whitney Heuston on a bad hair day with the wig (mop) on. P. S. Will someone please give me all the beef about what happened at the party in Deco`s house, where he was friskin` all the brazzers at the door. I told yis I was bleedin` palatic, and can`t remember. The only thing was I woke up in Fairview park the next morning with a pair of knickers in me pocket. I`d love to know which brazzer it was I was ridin`. The knickers were size 38 and the elastic was nearly gone in them. If the owner doesn’t claim them by tomorrow, I`m goin` to give them to me ma for her birthday.