Monday, June 19, 2006

Slums of Dublin...Part2(O'Connell St)

With no money on me, all I could depend on for a night on the town was me other mot, Caroline from O`Devaney Gardens. I asked an oulwan for a shillin to make a phone call and called me mot. She said she’d meet me at the number 10 bus stop in O’Connell Street, in front of the Savoy Picture house.
I was waitin and waitin at the 10 bus stop with not a penny to me name staring at the queue for the Savoy Picture house, when I noticed all the tightwads going into to sweet shop next door gettin supplies for the pictures. I was waitin on me mot Caroline, (speaking of which, she was a bit of a bleedin cheapskate herself, (she’d peel an orange in her pocket)). It was already 6pm and I was bleedin starvin, when finally the number l0 pulls in. Caroline ascends from the bus looking like the Queen of Sheba. (Now I have to tell yis a bit about Caroline...she was bleedin gorgeous...All she needed to do was flash her thrupennybits and she’d have every fella near her eating chips out of her knickers...She could walk into any pub in Manor street, and in a flash, all the patrons would freeze, with jaws dropped and mouths wide open, sporting frothy white Arthur Guinness moustaches...and as her svelte figure glided across the floor you’d hear comments like "Sufferin` Jaysus! would ye look at the gazongas on that one." ..."Jayz Caroline, Yer lookin` smashin` in yer polyester shirt and bellbottoms...How much money have ye?"..."A Fiver! Jayz that’s not goin to get us much"...."I told ye before I’m savin` for me hollyers in Butlins Mosney"...So over O’Connell bridge we strolled and stopped at the Kylemore Bakery in WestMoreland Street where Caroline bought the special...four cream buns for a pound and stuffed them into her handbag. Then we went next door to Bewleys Cafe and bought two coffees at 50p each, and sneaked into the corner where I lorried into the cream buns. "Have ye got yer membership card for the Apartment? ...I hope that mad bouncer Wacker Malone is not on the door again" sez I..."He threw me out last week cause I head butted a skinhead from Cabra when he started throwin` shapes on the dance floor"... to be continued.